Essay 1:Look around on Google’s Street Art Project (Links to an external site.)

Essay 1:
Look around on Google’s Street Art Project (Links to an external site.). Find an artist or piece of work that speaks to you. As you have done in this class, critique it. Do you like it or not? Explain the emotion it brings to you. Attach a link to the art you selected so I know which one you are talking about.
*NOTE* You must pick something from this site. If you have another piece of street art you want to do, clear it with me first. If you find yourself looking at anything other than street art, you’re in the wrong section and you will lose 300 points. As this is an opinion paper, you will not be required to have sources. However, if you do quote a source be sure to cite using APA formatting.
This essay requires 500 words. Below is the grading rubric for the final:
Word Count, 300 points. If you don’t reach the 500-word minimum you will automatically lose 300 points. *NOTE* In-text citations, headings, abstracts, and works cited do not count toward your word count.
Don’t add, ‘fluff.’ ‘Fluff’ is content that is clearly an attempt to hit word count without meeting the expectations – repeating statements, making claims that aren’t pertinent to the assignment, etc. Any time I run across, ‘fluff,’ I will count that against your word count.
Avoid dropping in large, direct quotes from others. The purpose of the papers is to show you can read the work of other people and then synthesize that into your own words.
Occasionally there are reasons to quote a whole sentence, but never more than that. If your direct quotes take up more than 15% (75 words) of your essay, I will count it against the word count.
Don’t try to provide ‘speed’ responses. For example, ‘The artist is <>. The title is <>.’ If it’s clear you are not putting an effort into genuinely diving into the content and simply trying to hurry up and finish the assignment, I will deduct 150 points.
Requirements, 300 points.
Working link of the art, 30 points.
Talking about the piece, 90 points
Your emotional response to the piece, 90 points
Your personal critique of the piece, 90 points
Essay 2
You will write your essay on the 2D painting, Bal du moulin de la Galette (Links to an external site.), by Pierre-August Renior.
In 750 words you will…
General Info (minimum of 150 words) (30 points total)
Explain what 2D art is. (10 points)
Define the artist, the title of the painting, style, and the time period it was created. (10 points)
Where did the artist create the work? (5 points)
Where is the painting now? (5 points)
Critical Thinking (minimum of 300 words) (100 points)
What was the author’s intended purpose in painting it and why? (50 points)
Who was the author’s intended audience and why? (50 points)
Critique (minimum of 300 words) (120 points)
Find a critique of the work done by one or more critics & report what they said. (30 points)
Reply to their critique of the work. (30 points)
Provide your own critique of the work. (60 points)
This essay will be written in APA format. You must cite your sources, plus use in-text citations. If you need help understanding how to format correct for APA, click here: APA Format Style Help from Purdue University (Links to an external site.)
Please, ask for help if you need it!
If you don’t understand APA format, again – ask for help!
You must have at least 3 sources from the internet or library.
General Info: 30 points
Critical Thinking: 100 points
Critique: 120 points
Word Count: 70 points
APA Formatting/Sources: 180 points.

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