ESSAY QUESTION: We have been studying primary source documents of “universal hum

ESSAY QUESTION: We have been studying primary source documents of “universal human rights.” Answer all three parts of this question.
1. List five such human rights documents assigned for class this semester in Weeks 1-6. Give the full title and the date and country where each document was adopted. Identify each one of the five documents as EITHER a declaration of values OR as a legally binding agreement (treaty/covenant/charter). Define the difference between these two types of documents in protecting international human rights.
2. Name one specific human right contained in one of the five documents you named in #1 above. Give the name of the document and the number of the article containing this right. Analyze why that human right was included in this document, referring to some aspect of the historical, philosophical, ideological or political context in which the document was adopted. Is that same right found in the other four documents you chose to list or not? If so, did the wording change, or did it remain the same regarding this specific human right?
3. How or why do you see the human right you analyzed in #2 above as important? Who is the “rights holder” and what remedy do they have if this human right has been violated? Do you have a suggestion to expand or redefine this one human right to meet some situation today?

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