Evaluate one of the positions in a given chapter by either attacking the position or by supporting it.

Each of the texts functions like a collection of essays. Students will be asked to write three essays of their own on the three chapters of their choice, one essay for each of the three chapters.
Each essay will be 2.75 to 3.5 pages in length. The student will be asked to:
1. Each essay should begin with a brief statement regarding the content of the chapter. It should then contain a clear statement of what you plan to argue with regard to the chapter’s content. You do not have enough space for a big introduction paragraph.
2. This should be followed by a clear summary of the chapter’s critical arguments presented in paragraph form to delineate ideas. Please do not present a long, disjointed list of random ideas from the chapter. Digest the chapter through your reading and write an interesting and readable summary for someone who has not read the text.
3. Evaluate one of the positions in a given chapter by either attacking the position or by supporting it. Your refutation or support of the position must be accompanied by a detailed argument. (If you plan to support the argument, you must find a way to develop and expand the author’s position so you are adding to the conversation.
Simply stating that you agree and summarizing the content is not sufficient.) You do not
have space for a concluding paragraph. Your (likely) two-paragraph thesis argument will

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