examine the correlation between feelings of uncertainty in adults (age 18+) who use cannabis.

I am requesting a literature review for my master’s thesis which seeks to examine the correlation between feelings of uncertainty in adults (age 18+) who use cannabis.
~I attached a draft literature review that you may use to reference/edit if necessarry.
~I also attached some helpful resources but please feel free to use others you may find if needed.
Here is my approved proposal from my university’s Institutional Review Board:
Cannabis has been used throughout history and has been shown to have several benefits.

This research targets participants over 18 years of age selected via social media platforms from various states, as cannabis legalization varies in the U.S. The goal of this research study is to determine if people who have an intolerance of uncertainty use cannabis as a treatment method. The Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale Short Form (IUS-12) will be used to achieve this. The research findings will help understand how cannabis use impacts anxiety symptoms and feelings of uncertainty, as well as informing adults of this potential treatment method.
The participant will be provided with a hyperlink that opens a Google Forms document, including the informed consent and the survey. The research will be quantitative research which seeks to establish descriptive relationships between phenomena and how they relate to society. The data collection instrument that will be used in this study will be the use of an online questionnaire issued through a hyperlink on various social media platforms chosen by the researcher. The survey begins by asking the participant to complete a set of demographic questions, as well as questions regarding their cannabis use. The survey also includes Carleton and colleagues’ Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale Short Form (IUS-12). The IUS-12 contains statements regarding uncertainty that believes it is “unacceptable, reflects badly on a person, and leads to frustration, stress, and the inability to take action” (Buhr et al., 2002). Participants will answer statements according to a five-point Likert scale, and the responses will be used to collect data on the participants’ ability to tolerate uncertainty. The selection process for the participants will be the non-probability sampling method, which selects participants that meet specific criteria. The population that is identified to be used in the research will be participants of over 18 years of age across the United States who use cannabis. The only survey will be instrumental since it will reach a large sample of respondents from each region in the United States to ensure a diverse representation of the population. The research plans to use hierarchical linear regression analysis to determine the correlation between the Intolerance of Uncertainty and cannabis use, with cannabis use being the dependent variable. The Intolerance of Uncertainty scores will represent the independent variable.
~The survey that will be administered to the participants is also included in the uploaded files.

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