Explain how scout bees communicate the following to other scout bees:

watch videos and answer short questions
1a. Explain how scout bees communicate the following to other scout bees: (a) the direction of a food source or a potential hive site, (b) the distance to that location, and (c) the quality of the potential food source/hive site?
1b. Describe the type of democracy that honey bees practice: direct democracy or representative democracy (the latter is also known as republican form of government)? Explain and defend your position.
1c. Explain the benefit(s) that honey bees derive from their form of democracy?
2a. Explain in your own words how the “wisdom of the crowd” works to produce superior answers to questions.
2b. Compare dictatorship to democracy in terms of the relative weaknesses of dictatorship using the honey bee examples as supporting argument.

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