Explain in thorough detail.

Choose a record that epitomizes groove for you. Listen to the record with fresh ears, using the listening techniques you’ve been developing. Write a short but thorough analysis of the record.
In your analysis include the following:
The artist, song title, genre, and tempo, up front.
Identify the emotions conveyed.
Examine how elements of the groove contribute to the record’s emotional impact. Explain in thorough detail.
Analyze the kick drum and bass parts, if these two elements are present.
Chart the form of the record and locate the climax.
Make a list of the form and indicate where the climax is located. As an additional option (although not mandatory) you may do a production timeline of this record.
1. Please submit a report with an 800 word minimum / 1600 word maximum, written in formal style. As a style and expectation guide for your reports, carefully read the document “Homework Example – Written Reports” found on the main page of our course page.

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