Explain psychological and developmental issues in aging.

SOC 320: Health and Social Issues of Aging
Issues in Aging Research Assignment
Course Learning Outcomes:
1. Explain health and wellness issues in aging.
2. Explain psychological and developmental issues in aging.
3. Examine the economics of aging (e.g., labor force participation and retirement, housing, financial status).
4. Integrate research and theory to explain health and social issues in aging.
The purpose of this assignment is to examine a specific health or social issue experienced by the aging population. To complete this assignment please (a) choose a topic (b) conduct research about the topic and (c) complete a research paper or PowerPoint slide presentation about the topic. The assignment should provide an (a) overview of the issue (b) a discussion of why this is an issue (c) examine the experiences of an individual (i.e., symptoms of the health issue), and (d) describe potential solutions to the issue. The potential solutions need to be grounded in research. A minimum of 2 peer-reviewed journal articles are required for the assignment.
The assignment deliverable is a 4–6-page research paper or a 15-20 PowerPoint slide. Please ensure that you follow proper APA style guidelines regardless of which option you are choosing. For the paper, please include a cover page and a reference page with proper APA citations (in addition to the 4-6-page paper). For the PowerPoint presentation, please include a title slide and reference slide with proper APA citations (in addition to your 15-20 slides).
Topic Areas:
The following list includes some suggested topics that are appropriate for the assignment. If there is a topic that is not on the list, but you would like to use for the assignment, please email your instructor for approval:
• Aging in place
• Heart disease
• Loss of a spouse
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Ageism
• Fall Injury
• Transportation issues
• Oral health
• Loneliness
• Depression

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