Explain the challenges that were present in the relationship; ensure you maintain confidentiality.

“Each nurse establishes and maintains respectful, collaborative, therapeutic and professional relationships. Relationships include therapeutic nurse-client relationships and professional relationships with colleagues, health care team members and employers. Professional relationships are based on trust and respect and result in improved client care” (CNO, 2002).
Because nursing attracts people of various genders, ages, and backgrounds, intra-professional (nurse-nurse) communication may be a challenge for nurses. For example, there may be generational differences in the approach to patient care and medical operations within the unit. Toxic or deeply stressful work environments can flourish, adversely affecting nurses of all levels. In addition to potentially reducing the quality-of-care nurses provide, dysfunctional work culture can also lead to staff turnover and absenteeism.
Think of a time when you faced challenges in a professional relationship. This relationship may have been at your place of employment or even a school activity like a group project. Explain the challenges that were present in the relationship; ensure you maintain confidentiality. Your job in this section is to just write. There is no judgment as to what the situation includes. I am merely asking for the situation as you recall or perceive it to be. (250-word limit)
Next, review what you have written. What elements contributed to the breakdown in the relationship? Review the CNO Professional Standards: Relationships and focus on the indicators for Professional Relationships. Provide examples of how you would apply each of them in the scenario you created. Include at least one scholarly reference from an article discussing professional relationships that supports what you are saying. (250-375-word limit)
What did you learn from this activity? (125-word limit)
Your paper has a 2–3-page limit (not including title page or references). The paper must be in APA 7th edition format and must include an introduction and conclusion, intext citations, page numbers, and references (CNO documents and one scholarly reference).

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