Explain the opportunity and why you feel this is operational in nature.

Your paper will involve you selecting an organization you are familiar with, perhaps an organization one of your team members work at. Just ensure you are allowed to share the details in question with your team members and the class. You are going to be conducting a customized operational analysis. You will do so by selecting one of the themes below, which will be the focus of your paper (in conjunction with the organization you selected).

Job Description Analysis to Appropriately Staff an Existing Process
Once you have selected the organization AND theme you will follow, below are the categories your paper should include.
Introduction and a Clear Problem Statement
Provide a brief description of the organization, including the industry and its business model. Identify an area where the organization has an opportunity for improvement or growth. Explain the opportunity and why you feel this is operational in nature. (Hint: Do not submit a paper around an advertising proposal.)
Current State
Once you have established the part of the organization your paper will focus on, we need to understand more about how the processes of that area works. To this end, this section describes both in paragraphs and any charts how this department or task works today. Additionally, you will create a process flow to help your audience visualize the process. To help with this part, go to the American Society for Quality (ASQ) page ( https://asq.org/quality-resources/flowchart ) that discusses the concepts of flowcharts. Read through the entire article, including commonly used symbols when creating a flowchart. Then, using the flowchart spreadsheet template at the bottom of the ASQ website, draw a process flow that describes the activity in question. You do not need to get the entire transaction perfect, the emphasis is on capturing what you see from the perspective of a consumer. You are required to have at least 3 “diamonds” in your flowchart. When you’re done, copy and paste the flowchart from the spreadsheet and into your MS Word document. Walk the reader through your flow chart in the subsequent paragraphs, keeping the narrative focused on the as-is. Analysis of what you see will come later.
Analysis / Findings
Now that you have helped describe the current state, and created a flowchart. What insights did you take away after creating the flowchart? What more information do you wish you knew in order to complete the flowchart fully? Select two Quality Tools described in our class (e.g. Six Sigma, Lean, ISO 9000, etc…), and use that to help you analyze the organization. If you create any charts or figures, ensure you place them in your MS Word document (only one final file should be submitted). What does your analysis suggest is a good opportunity or a gap for the organization? Right now focus on identification of the findings, not “solving” them.
Proposed Updates / Changes
Now that you have identified some key findings, how do you think the organization can evolve to allow continuous improvement? In discussing this aspect, ensure you include details from the same two Quality Tools you leveraged in section 3. Include an updated flow chart to highlight the changes suggested. Ensure your discussions include how we can measure success. The Week 1 – Chapter 2 lecture deck (slide 4) has a great summary of some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) you may want to consider.
High-level, compelling conclusion that summarizes your team’s findings and recommendations. Include also a brief on what your team took away from this activity in terms of insights.
Your GROUP written assignment must be in APA format, which includes a cover page AND reference page. No abstract or table of contents is required. Section headers are required. Your paper should be at least 10 pages of content, not including your cover page and reference page. Clearly cite your references, and list them all on the reference page. At LEAST three references are required.

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