Explain two concepts from the Ch. 5 Consumer Behavior chapter/lecture that you will remember after finishing the class.

How has your perspective about marketing changed since the start of the class?
Explain two concepts from the Ch. 5 Consumer Behavior chapter/lecture that you will remember after finishing the class. my answers
1.when i was taking this marketing class this semester,not going to lie i though it was going to be like advertising and promotion online but when i got into this class i made a huge switch that marketing is just about social media and advertising.i learn from this class that you also got to learn the behavior of customers and thing that customers are looking online and what they thinking to buy online or in person and then their are some math i learn from this class that i learn when it comes to calculating like target profit pricing and return on sales pricing from chapter 14 and then there branding what you need to learn when it comes for making sales and do promotional brands like nike mcdonalds,movies promotion,and walmart companies does do all the branding and the advertising online.last thing that i learn threw out the semester is that target your customer withusing four types of segmentation like geographic,demographic,psychographic and behavioral segmentation which involved targeting the customers with things are interesting them,their age,and even events promotion like concert and sports grames for demographic with that is my experiences with BA 370 marketing class with taking this semester.
2.from chapter 5 the two concept that i remember is the stages of purchasing decision process because when it comes of making a decision of buying the product,sometimes you have to make a decision to but the product to about to make the final purchase,the main i found it interesting was the Problem recognition – perceiving a difference between a person’s ideal and actual situations big enough to trigger a decision the second that found it use is Alternative evaluation – clarifies information by (1) suggesting criteria to use for the purchase, (2) yielding brand names that might meet the criteria, and (3) developing consumer value perceptions because you are considering to make the final purchase and i last one is Postpurchase behavior The consumer compares the product with their expectations and is either satisfied or dissatisfied with the product i recently purchase,the last concept i want to talk about is the consumer journary map,apple use it method for there services and product goes well on the process to able to make these product and services be sold worldwide on stores and online or the product or services be successful or a failure this strategies could help me build up my brand in the future.

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