Explain your answers using information from this week’s reading.

1. Apply the Three I’s to this case (page 159).
2. Discuss the phases of conflict (Table 9.1) and explain how Mike and Jill have experienced
each of these phases.
3. Identify and apply two factors and two frames (page 168) that underlie this conflict. Identify the perspectives Mike and Jill have that might influence the way they perceive this conflict and the way they approach each other. Bring in specific concepts from the text to support your answer.
4. If Mike and Jill were to attempt to deal with this conflict on their own, what conflict
management style (page 162) do you think they might select? What conflict style would you recommend? Be specific and explain how it would help them resolve their conflict. Do you think they would use this style on their own or would it take an outside party to help enact it?
5. If you were Adam, how would you approach this conflict? Identify at least two strategies and tactics (page 167) should you use to help Mike and Jill deal with their ongoing problems?What role might a mediator play in helping them work through their issues? Explain your answers using information from this week’s reading.
6. How would a feminist approach to conflict interpret this situation? Is it possible to use an
alternative model that would react this situation in a more productive frame? Explain your

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