Explain your reasoning and be sure to identify the second reading by author and title.

First, select and read any closed research theme reading (for the list of readings, click the Modules link and scroll to find the Module entitled “Closed Research Theme”). In your initial post, Identify your selected reading by full title and author. Then, identify at least 2 “They Say” moves in the reading. (“They Say” moves are places in the closed research theme reading where the author quotes or summarizes the ideas of another person, group, or source AND responds to it in some way.) Next, respond to at least 1 “Looking Deeply” question AND 1 “Looking Broadly” question below. Looking Deeply: How effective / objective / accurate / useful / and/or appropriate are the “They Say” moves? Explain why or why not. Why do you think the author quoted, summarized, or referred to the ideas of these people or sources? How does it add to the writing as a whole? What kind of sources do the “They Say” moves identified refer to? (Examples: Experts? Celebrities? Politicians? Everyday people? A print source, such as a magazine or newspaper? Maybe unidentified “some people say” sources, or a mix of types? Some other kinds of source?) How does the type of sources referred to in the “They Say” moves support or detract from the point the author is making? Looking Broadly: Comment on what “conversation” you see this closed research theme reading as participating in. What specific issue or question or conversation within our broad topic of the class’s Closed Research Theme Question is the reading responding to? (There may be hints in the title, the “They Says” that are used to frame the writing, or the conclusions the author comes to.) What questions do you have in response to this closed research theme reading? What would you ask the author, if you could? What would you like to understand better or know more about regarding the conversation? What are you skeptical about or doubt in the reading and why? NOTE: be sure to ask questions, rather than make statements or assertions (though you are welcome to explain your questions). Consider other closed research theme readings you have read so far (for the M01 Exercise and/or the M02 Closed Research Theme check-in). What connections or disconnects do you notice between the reading you are analyzing for this discussion board and other closed research theme reading? Do the two readings see the issue in a similar or a different way? Do they seem to “talk” to each other or past each other? Explain your reasoning and be sure to identify the second reading by author and title. Your Module 2 initial post should be at least 150 original words.

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