explaining the redundancy plan that you developed and implemented.

You are an information technology (IT) specialist who supports a department of 20 workstations. Some employees store important information on their local hard drives. Because hard drives can fail, your department manager has asked you to research redundancy options for potential implementation. Management has also decided to include all workstations since any IT employee in the department can be assigned projects that use important information. The department manager wants a redundancy plan that includes data storage and power concerns.

The department manager has left the decisions and implementation for a redundancy plan up to you. When it is complete, she does want a report explaining the redundancy plan that you developed and implemented. You are to include the following information in your redundancy plan:
use of a RAID solution or another redundant method,
upgrading of any memory necessary for optimization of each system, and
troubleshooting techniques used to optimize memory requirements for the redundancy plan.
Use the internet and your textbook to develop a redundancy plan for the department. Explain how the plan will protect against data lost due to hard drive and power failures. The company is anxious to protect critical company data, so they are not concerned with the cost-only results.
Ensure your final report to the department manager fully explains the redundancy plan and how it will accomplish management’s goals. You can use tables and illustrations in your two-page report.
If outside sources are used, please adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.

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