explains your main thesis and outlines your main sub-topics or key points, supporting sections, and a brief conclusion.

Your written paper should be 1,600-2,200 words not including the works cited list or any images/tables/graphs,
etc. Please make sure to include the names and IDs of your group members on the first page. You do not
need a title page. Finally, please include a word count (excluding your works cited list) at the end of your
Your paper should include a clear title, an introduction that explains your main thesis and outlines your main
sub-topics or key points, supporting sections, and a brief conclusion. You should make sure to edit the paper for
consistency. In other words, it should read as a unified, coherent paper, not a series of sections clearly written
by different people.

Your works cited list should include at least five (5) academic sources (at least three of which are NOT
course readings) as well as the other sources you used (news articles, planning documents, statistical data,
government publications, websites, etc.). Make sure to review the library’s information on how to cite different
types of sources (see link below under “Citing Sources”).
All images/graphs/tables must be labeled, captioned, and include a source (i.e., “Figure 1. Table of homeless
rates for municipalities in Metro Vancouver, 2020; Source: Metro Vancouver 2020”). Your source should also
appear in your works cited list. You should also make sure to mention your image/graph/table in your text (i.e.,
“Figure 1 shows the 2020 rates of homelessness for the municipalities in Metro Vancouver…”). If it’s a photo you
took yourself, make sure to indicate this as your source in the caption, but you don’t need to include this in your
works cited list.
Citing Sources
• In general, rely on your own words and paraphrasing rather than using multiple, lengthy, direct quotes.
• Both paraphrased and quoted material should be cited, preferably using APA style. This means you need to
include in-text citations as well as full bibliographic entries in the works cited list at the end of your discussion.
• Make sure to cite all references used (excluding lecture material), including information obtained from
websites, government documents, online archives, etc. as well as your academic sources.
In addition to your written paper, each group will need to create an in-person presentation that highlights key
points from your paper and elaborate on what you found to be the most interesting aspects of your project. In
other words, don’t just reread your paper or parts of the paper. The best presentations are more like a
conversation with the audience (your fellow students), so even if you’re using notes, make sure to practice
sounding like you’re talking to someone and not simply reading a script. Make sure to showcase any statistics,
images, maps, or other visuals. This is your chance to explain your project and really convey the most
interesting parts of it to an audience
Sources should be correctly cited, both on your slides and in works cited list, which you should provide on the
last slide(s) of your presentation.

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