Explore information provided by the CDC, WHO, and literary sources for a total of at least five resources.

Explore information provided by the CDC, WHO, and literary
sources for a total of at least five resources. The term paper should include a
summary of the
research and provide the Web sites and references utilized for the research. Each student must have
a different disease,
antimicrobial or vaccine to research.

The term paper must be typed with 1” margins, double spacing and a 12 point Times Roman font.
The paper should also include a reference list. A minimum of five references must be utilized. The
American Psychological Association format must also be utilized for the paper. The paper should
be between five and seven pages in length (not including cover page, abstract,
references, exhibits,
Provide substantive and relevant development of ideas
• Provide logical, accurate, and sufficient level of detail
Demonstrates an in depth
understanding of the ideas in the
assigned reading and critically evaluates/responds to those
ideas in an analytical, persuasive manner.
Has appropriate references
Organization • Creates a clearly identifiable introduction, body, and
Provides unified paragraph structure–each paragraph develops
only one central idea.
• Utilizes APA format
Incorporates appropriate medical terminology, avoids
irrelevant and redundant words, phrases and other distracting
information and has appropriate spelling;
• Avoids errors in sentence boundaries such as fused sentences
and sentence fragments
• Avoids plagiarism;
uses paraphrase and quotes skillfully
Presentation • Clear and logical
• Creative and interesting
• Effectively relies information

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