Submit a well-researched essay on the current COVID-19 pandemic
online on Canvas by the deadline 5/29/21) for a maximum of 10 points.
Just turning in an essay does not guarantee full 10 points. The number of
points awarded will depend on the quality of your essay. Please look at the
guidelines below.
Some questions to consider and ideas to include in the essay.
 What are viruses and coronaviruses? Include a brief intro to explain the
specific pathogen, its survival without host cells and infection of host
 How does COVID-19 transmit? Why is the rate of transmission and why
is it so high?
 Why do viruses mutate and jump hosts? What is “incubation period”
and how is it important?
 How does this virus affect humans? Pathology of the virus and effects on
organ systems.
 How does your immune system work in response to a viral pathogen?
 What kind of tests are available to check patients for COVID?
 Can you kill viruses? Why or why not? Why do antibiotics not work on
viruses? What are antiviral drugs and what role do they play in
treatment of viral infections?
 How does the concept of “social distancing” crucial to controlling the
pandemic or “flattening the curve”?
 What is “herd immunity” and what does that mean for us in the future?
 People have been responding differently to this virus. What does that
mean in terms of immunity? Are some people better equipped to fight
this versus others?
 What are our possible treatment options and viable solutions?
 What are the types of vaccinations available today and how are they
similar or different? Do any of them confer immunity against the
 Why are the variants a cause for concern as we continue to fight this
 Can you personally think of a way to combat the pandemic? What do
you think would be a feasible treatment option in our fight against
 Conclusion should include a thoughtful insight on the pandemic we are
facing now, and your predictions to where we are headed for in the
 Feel free to include any other interesting facts/details not related to
points mentioned above. I would like to learn more as well!
 No conspiracy theories please! Just stick to science and facts
The paper should be 4-5 pages MLA style explaining the COVID-19 in your
own words. The paper should be typed in 12 font (New Times Roman or
Use the links on the lecture slides, my lecture, or any other reliable sources
to write a well-informed essay, but make sure that all the information is
paraphrased and explained best in your words. The paper turned online
will be submitted through Turnitin, so if your statements are picked up
verbatim from sources without citation, it will count as plagiarism and that
essay will earn you a score of zero.
Cite references on an additional page (not to be counted towards your
essay) using MLA format.
This is an essay to gain some additional points, but I would like you to
think of it as a wonderful learning opportunity! Enjoy the research

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