Final Paper. Students will complete a final paper for the course that integrates

Final Paper. Students will complete a final paper for the course that integrates concepts/theories from the course on the history of psychology. The final paper is worth up to 15 points and is due Thursday 3/2 at 11:59 pm.
You will pick two schools of thoughts discussed in this course to: 1. describe the history and foundational principles regarding each school of thought and 2. compare and contrast the two schools of thought. Specifically, describe the similarities and the differences between the two.
Questions you can use as inspiration for writing this paper:
What movements/cultural factors (Zeitgeist) influenced this school of thought?
Who were leading figures in this school of thought?
What were some of the criticisms of this school of thought?
How does this school of thought fit into the history of psychology?
What specific terms (and what do they mean) are associated with this school of thought?
Describe an experiment that was important in this school of thought.
Make sure you both describe the school of thoughts separately AND compare the similarities and differences between the two.
You will write a 3-5 page paper double spaced (not including a title page or references).
Include 1 scholarly source for each school of thought (at least 2 scholarly sources total).
Your paper should not be only a regurgitation of the lecture slides/text book.
Include these references to further expand on each school of thought.
References should be in APA-format.
Turned in via Canvas.
This paper is subject to plagiarism; everything must be in put in your own words, with the exception of specific terms and properly cited quotes.
Due date is Thursday 3/2 at 11:59 pm.
Grading Rubric: (please see attached rubric for further explanation)
This paper is worth 15 points (15% of total grade) and will be graded as followed:
1 point – Did you use correct spelling and grammar?
4 points – Did you thoroughly describe each school of thought?
2 points per school of thought
4 points – Did you compare the similarities between the two schools of thought?
4 Points – Did you compare the differences between the two schools of thought?
1 point – Did you meet the page requirement?
1 Point – Did you include 2 references and properly cite them both in-text and in the reference page?

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