Find an article/film/advertisement/company/website/podcast/speech/text related t

Find an article/film/advertisement/company/website/podcast/speech/text related to something you are interested in and/or reflects your identity. Watch/Read it. Re-watch/Re-Read it and annotate it. Make sure you clearly understand the point the author/producer/company is making. Analyze the AUTHOR’S PURPOSE, STANCE, CONTEXT, CLAIMS/EVIDENCE, DESIGN, and/or AUTHOR’S INTENDED AUDIENCE.
2. Begin with a clear introductory paragraph that prepares your reader for the company/text/visual/podcast being analyzed and your evaluation of its effectiveness. State what the video/clip/website is titled, who the author/producer/user is, and the website it was posted on.
Note: video title is inside quotation marks, and the title of the website it is found on is in italics. *See MLA guidelines
3. Write body paragraphs discussing the RHETORICAL SITUATION surrounding what you have chosen to write about. (*Remember: SPACE CAT)
4. End with a conclusion that sums up the entire rhetorical analysis. Ensure you have used proper MLA formatting techniques to document your article/film/graphic in a Works
Ive chooseing the topic of Narwhales. There is a narwhale song that you can do.
Include an introductory and conclusion paragraph. Provide transitions both within and between paragraphs, express ideas clearly with precise and vivid words and phrases, use words appropriately, use concise sentence structure, maintain parallelism, use a
variety of sentence types, and vary word choice.
Rhetorical Thinking
Development of rhetorical analysis to include (but not limited to) author’s purpose, design, interaction/conversations, and
influence. Analysis is included, not just identification or description. Effectiveness or ineffectiveness is fully developed and rationalized with evidence for the reader.
There are no grammatical or mechanical errors. The author uses accurate pronoun reference, pronoun/antecedent agreement,
and subject/verb agreement. The essay’s punctuation and spelling are correct. The essay shows evidence of careful editing.
The essay has an appropriate title and an appropriate header; it is typed in the appropriate font and is double-spaced; the author mentions article title and author and has proper MLA formatted information listed in the paper.

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