First: attempt to summarize a point the author makes, or theme of the text overall.

First: Attempt to summarize a point the author makes, or theme of the text
overall. Second: try to either apply it to a contemporary issue, and Third: raise a (serious) question or concern about
the point you’re making, or highlight how this philosophical point emboldens your understanding of an issue. These
should be 300-500 words, and must include direct references or even quotes from the assigned reading.
The theme of this third of the semester is “what can we know”. We started with knowledge as justified true belief, and Gettier has given us reasons to be weary of that definition. Moreover, Nagel has given us reasons to be weary of our justifying capacities (e.g., limits imposed by our brain).
In approximately 500 words, utilizing Nagel, Gettier, and direct references to the text , provide a reflective analysis on what you’ve learned about “knowledge”, and/or any thoughts or ideas you have after reading Nagel and Gettier.
I realize this is open ended, which students often do not like. Students tends to prefer direct assignments, with little wiggle room. However, I want you to write and reflect on knowledge in a philosophical way, which is always open ended.
Also, you may incorporate other thinkers (e.g., Descartes, Hume, Plato) into your analysis, but direct text references should refer to Nagel and Gettier. You may reference other thinkers but that doesn’t supersede the obligation to reference Nagel and Gettier.

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