First part: Based on the readings in the attachments, what would you say are Rus

First part: Based on the readings in the attachments, what would you say are Russia’ identity, values, norms, and perceptual lens?
Second Part: Separately, number and answer the following question using the attachments (Adamsky, The Culture of Military Innovation, Chapter 2: “The Impact of Cultural Factors on the Soviet Military-Technical Revolution,” pp. 24-57. Kristian C. Gustafson, “Protecting the New Rome: Byzantine Influences on Russian Intelligence,” Chapter 5 in Davies and Gustafson, eds., Intelligence Elsewhere: Spies and Espionage Outside the Anglosphere (2013), pp. 67-88.
1. Adamsky claims that Russian military scholars were the first to realize the potential of advanced technology to alter the calculus of military strategy. But what was about Russian strategic culture that prevented them from exploiting this theoretical understanding?
2. According to Ermarth, is Russian strategic culture undergoing a change, or are long-standing continuities showing their endurance?
3. How would Kristian Gustafson respond to this question?
4. In earlier Modules, we looked at religion as a primary source of strategic culture. In the Kristian Gustafson reading, note the close interplay between religion (Eastern Christian Orthodoxy) and Russian intelligence. What are some features of that relationship?

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