FOLLOW THESE STEPS 1. Go to this link

1. Go to this link
3. Click on “Introduction to Probability and Satistics”
4. Click on data “sets from your textbook” choose any data set you would like just don’t choose manatee deaths because I already did that one. ONLY CHOOSE YOUR OWN DATA IF IT SAYS TO. SOMETIMES THE LAB TELLS YOU WHAT DATA TO USE
5. Save the data/graphs/charts the lab is requiring for you to do on my account. Whenever you generate the graph there is going to be a blue option button. That option button has a save button. Then copy and paste it into the lab report.
6. MOST IMPORTANT: This lab report is very simple. All you have to do is follow the directions on the pdf I attached(important). For each procedure you do, you must put the graph/chart that you are creating in the lab report. This lab report mainly is just making sure you include the data you created. Lastly, in the end you have to explain what you did and what the results means.
7. I will provide you with an example lab report. However, the example lab report is not that great. Make it nicer and explain better.

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