For this activity, you should write a draft of your Prospectus that is as comple

For this activity, you should write a draft of your Prospectus that is as complete and polished as possible and upload it here for a peer review activity (be sure it’s in pdf or doc format). This will be your “Initial Post” for the discussion, and as such is due on the due date indicated. NOTE: you don’t need to draft things in order, so work on whatever sections you are ready to and develop things as much as you can. Please include some descriptive information like “Carbon neutral ride share prospectus” And, if there’s anything you’re particularly concerned with/want people to focus on, please briefly indicate that as well.
Your draft will be graded based on how complete it is–if included, things like a title page, table of contents, references, graphics, etc. don’t count:
3 or more pages = 8 points
2 pages = 6 points
1 pages = 4 points
Less than 1 page = 0 points
For the “Response posts”, choose 2 different drafts and use the assignment 3 description and assessment criteria from the rubric as a guide to help you write a meaningful critique (peer review) on each–i.e., please base your assessment/analysis on the Prospectus rubric and section descriptions from the text–make comments clear and direct. Additionally, though you can certainly comment on things done well, what I really want to see is some “constructive criticism” that focuses on the primary concerns so people can improve their drafts (and either way, make your commentary concrete, not vague: e.g, “I really like your paper” or “this could use some work” isn’t helpful). These should be at least 250 words.
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not post your responses you won’t get credit for your draft.
ALSO NOTE: Late drafts and response posts won’t be accepted. The “due” date indicated is for the draft post and the deadline for the responses is indicated on the title of the assignment and in your canvas calendar.

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