For this assignment you are asked to write an essay that explains and charts wha

For this assignment you are asked to write an essay that explains and charts what you have studied over the semester. It can help to view this as a discussion of your experience as a writer in the class. Like other skill-based tasks, writing can always be improved. Overarching questions might be: What strengths do I have as a writer? How might I improve? What are my challenges?
The following slides are an addendum that will be helpful as you develop your content. Since this assignment is a measure of your knowledge over what you learned during the semester, you will want to highlight each unit, but you can choose to focus on a unit or assignment that was especially challenging or helpful and to identify it as such in your primary claim. Details about the units should make up the body as well as details about 1-2 of the reading content(s) which you are asked to use to help support your primary claim.
below is what was covered weekly .
WEEK 1 Unit One 1. Five Things – Introduction & Photo – *Discussion Board
2. Pre-Writing Exercise – 200-word Summary of “Don’t Call Me Teacher.”
3. Weekly Journal #1 (250 words)
Week 2 Unit One January 22-28 Unit 1. – Genre
1. Weekly Journal #2 (250 words) –
2. Assignment – Summary (Overview) – Research and choose a social media platform to briefly summarize.
3. Review Genre/Summary/Profile/Review Essay Presentation and Instructions
Unit One
1. Unit Essay – Summary/Profile/Evaluation of your selected social media platform. (600-800 words) I chose tiktok
Unit Two Unit 2. – Rhetorical Strategies
1. Activity – “Four Ways of Reading” Mini-Analysis (at least 250 words) and Comment on Peer’s post (150 words)
*Discussion Board
2. Weekly Journal #3 (250 words)
3. Review Rhetorical Strategies PowerPoint for details about upcoming activity/essay assignment.
Unit Two 1. Intro draft – Content is the excerpt from “Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media.” *Link on Discussion Board or in Course Content
2. Weekly Journal #4 (250 words3.
Unit Two 1. Unit Essay – Excerpt from Jaron Lanier’s – “Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media,” Rhetorical Analysis due (750-1000) words due
1. Final – Reflective Essay (750-1000 words
below is an example of how the refelctive essay should look like
Dr. Cheri Paris Edwards
Comp 1301
4 December 2019
Final Reflective Assignment
Reflecting on my first official college semester, it has been an absolutely amazing time period. While
experiencing frustrations with certain subjects, and ease with others, the past few months have been ignited a fire in
me to move towards my life goals. With that being said, balancing two jobs, personal life and school things have not
been easy, and I have really had to work hard to improve areas that I was falling short in. But watching my grades
slowly rise has been a very rewarding challenge.
In our unit one studies we discussed summary/profile/review essays. These are essays taking a piece of
work whether it be a book, movie, or piece of art and providing and brief summary of what your chosen work is
about. The writer then goes into analyzing a certain aspect of the work and the impact it has in relation to the work
itself, and lastly what significance the work has brought unto society. While I did enjoy writing this particular essay,
it was the first essay I had written in over two years. I wasn’t exactly sure what was expected of me and was not too
confident in my ability to create and present a college worthy essay. After much procrastination, I finally sat down
and started drafting my ideas. Slowly but surely those ideas became an essay and that essay was turned in.
Admittedly, I do think my presentation of my first essay was most memorable. The morning leading up to
presentation day, I was filled with anxiety and nerves. With the combination of not having that much confidence in
myself or my work, and the fear of my point not coming across in a well dictating manner, I expected to fail.
However, to my surprise I didn’t, and it gave me a sigh of relief that things were going to be fine. It really set a tone
for the rest of the semester for me and how I chose to create my essays.
Unit two involved rhetorical analysis essays and the use of rhetorical devices. Most simply put, rhetorical
analysis essays are structured essays using persuasion techniques. An author has a topic they want to write about for
the masses. When writing it, they understand that not everyone may have the same knowledge or experience with
this topic as they do. So, in order to showcase their credibility and their ability to speak on the subject they have to
use methods we all know as rhetorical devices, ethos, pathos and logos being the main ones. Ethos bring the
credibility and character of an author to an essay, pathos engages an audience’s emotions, while logos presents
sound logical reasoning backing the author. With a better understanding on these topics and a fire still lit within me
from unit one I began working on my essay. Conceptually, unit two was the hardest for me. Having to analyze a
letter from one of Americas most prominent social reform leaders in history is tough to say the least. Especially
when that letter’s primary claim is still a valid argument in our society all these years later. After having written the
essay, I really learned how these rhetorical devices can shape your arguments and engage a multitude of people, you
don’t have to be a scholar dedicating your life to the study of one subject to persuade an audience to listen to you.
That’s where your use of rhetorical devices come in to play and help strengthen an essay and bring support from all
sorts of people.
When working on our unit three signature assignments I had a plethora of topics within my interest to
choose. I think narrowing it down to the topic I chose was based primarily on the ability to locate a direct cause and
effect and propose a real and practical solution to it. Choosing to do this assignment alone, I had the creative
majority and freedom to take this assignment in any direction I wanted without having to consult with any other
differing opinions. I did however struggle for once when it came to dividing my time up for both parts, due to me
wanting to bring all the facts and every solution possible, I think collaborative work might have helped with that.
When it came to choosing my topic the school to prison pipeline and the reentry process is something that I have
close personal ties with. With my biological father being in prison for much of my life, and only within the past ten
years being released, very little resources were offered to him by the state to succeed in school. Luckily, he was
fortunate enough to have help from family and friends and ultimately come out on the other side and obtain his
degree. However, many of the formerly incarcerated do not have that same access and privilege as others. This is an
issue when it comes to proposing a solution though. This is an ever-increasing crisis within our country, and
Ramirez 1
everyone has different needs, and everyone needs different measures of help. What may work for one person will
not work for another, and what may work for a society now may not work for our society ten or twenty years down
the road. And with an alarming amount of issues our society deals with especially around getting those who have a
desire to go to college but have limited resources, it can put a strain on finding a solution. Regarding homelessness
between former inmates and college students there’s a haunting correlation. The majority of former inmates who are
attending college are homeless and finding a solution that can metaphorically kill two problems with one stone isn’t
easy. But having a society that strives towards creating effective preventative measures and useful post measures,
we can work towards a solution.
While I had my initial and maybe unnecessary amount of anxiety when it came to first taking this course, I
can whole heartedly say I am glad I did, and I am glad that this is one of the first courses I took. I have always had a
love for reading and writing and expressing my opinions through writing. However, after the continuous and
formulaic methods almost beaten into me by high school teachers and one old and cranky previous college professor
I was really worried about my success. I grew to have a hatred for the subject I once absolutely adored and honestly
found joy in. I stopped wanting to read and write for fun, I wanted to stop going to classes, and ultimately dropped
out of college my first time around because of it. However, with help my peers and support and guidance from Dr.
Edwards I can truly say that I have gained at least a fraction of the love that I lost for this subject. And for that I say
thank you, it has truly been a pleasure to take this course.

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