For this assignment, you are going to write a letter addressed to a former coach

For this assignment, you are going to write a letter addressed to a former coach. In your letter, relate your experience with being an athlete on his or her roster.
Do you feel that Coach treated you as an individual? How did this affect you?
Did Coach celebrate differences and diversity in the team and create a team culture that was inclusive of all the team members? Or, if you worked with a coach one-on-one, did Coach celebrate your own differences and/or background? How did Coaches efforts to do so, or lack thereof, affect you, (and if applicable) other individuals in your team, and the team as a whole?
Which of Coach’s philosophies and practices would you/have you adopted as your own?
As a coach, explain what you do/will do differently in order to be a coach who treats athletes and team members as individuals and creates a team culture that is inclusive of athletes and team members with diverse needs and diverse differences. Reference the coaching recommendations in Chapter 5. If you like, you may also reference sources from your own research.

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