For this assignment, you are required to write a Marketing Communications plan f

For this assignment, you are required to write a Marketing Communications plan for the client DMRi and its new entry platform. (The client brief is uploaded).
Adopting the role of a marketing communications consultant, use the client brief to create a marketing communications plan. You should develop a one-year marketing communications plan to launch a campaign.
• Review the external environment to decide what would appeal to a market segment (justifying your choices)
. Situational analysis – Macro and Micro-environment. With key models and concepts applied. We need to see a critical discussion. You can use tables but a critical discussion of the most important elements, which directly Influence the objectives, strategy and implementation, must be critically discussed. This can be
a paragraph under tables such as PESTEL or TOWS.
• Define your campaign objectives
. Objectives – 2 SMART Objectives, which should derive from all of the situational analysis you have done, therefore you can develop your own SMART objectives. These should be statements. Each objective will have its own strategy and implementation.
. STP – Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. You can use additional concepts here such as brand personality, perceptual map, USP to help you explain positioning.
• Explain your brand identity and personality as well as the value proposition, giving reasons for your choices.
• Using a range of traditional and digital tools and social media, devise and justify the promotional strategy for each of your objectives to reach the customer. You are expected to apply strategic frameworks here!
. Consider the appeal to be used
. Give reasons for the chosen message and the source
. What is your call to action?
. Explain how and why you will create a buzz
. Think of the schedule (pulse, DRIP, etc…)
• Develop a media plan, giving reasons for your suggestions
. Implementation – This relates to putting the strategy into action (step-by-step).
. As stated, each objective has its own strategy. Therefore, the implementation section goes into critical explanation and justification of the step-by-step action of each strategy.
. All critical dates should be included in the Schedule.
• Explain the evaluation techniques to be employed.
. Control – BOTH objectives need to have metrics. A company needs to keep track of their objectives.
Please refer to the client brief for information about the client and further guidelines and explanations for the assignment.

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