For this assignment, you are to read the book entitled, Little Monster: Growing

For this assignment, you are to read the book entitled, Little Monster: Growing Up
With ADHD (Jergen, 2004) and provide a written analysis of it by the due date
listed on the course schedule. Within your analysis you will need to provide a
summary of the book that includes a description of the major characters and events
throughout. Then, you are to provide an analysis of how ADHD has affected the
author’s life, positively and/or negatively. Within this analysis, make sure you
include at least 3 examples of how ADHD has affected his life from each of these
life periods: a) early childhood years (i.e., through elementary school), b)
teenage/early college years, and c) adult years. For each example, make sure you
explain how it specifically affected him in an important way. Finally, you will need
to provide a description of at least 3 instances in which specific accommodations
could have supported the author at various times in his life. As a part of this,
describe what each accommodation may have been, who may have provided it, and how each accommodation may have created a lasting positive impact on the authors life

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