For this assignment, you need to put together a 10 slide presentation, accompani

For this assignment, you need to put together a 10 slide presentation, accompanied by a written narration.
The slides should include a title slide (slide 1) and a reference slide (slide 10) and should be presented in PowerPoint.
The written narration should not exceed 1000 words and should be presented in either Word or pdf format.
. You should take these and outline a modern ethical assessment of the same psychological construct considered in the original study/experiment you considered in assignment 1. It is important that you do not attempt to design a study/experiment, but that you give most of your consideration into an ethical assessment so that it would comply with current BPS guidelines.
To be a little clearer. You need to say what was unethical about the study you are looking at. Then you need to address those observations and say how they could be changed if the study were to run again, in an ethical manner that complies to the BPS Code of Human Research EthicsLinks to an external site.. In order to do this, you will need to think about the ways you would change the original methodology to address the key points noted below.
in order to facilitate the slide production, please consider the following key inclusions, and consult the assessment feedback form for indication of what you are to cover:
-Succinct overview of study and psychological construct being considered
-Who would your participants be and how would you obtain their ethical approval to partake in your study?
-What would you have the participants do? How would this measure the same psychological construct without violating current ethical principles and/or standards.

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