For this essay, you are required to view the film The Joy Luck Club (available f

For this essay, you are required to view the film The Joy Luck Club (available from Hulu, Amazon Prime, or YouTube) and to submit an essay that responds to the following prompts:
Define Bronfenbrenner’s ecological perspective, including all five (5) levels of systems, and make note of each of the systems as they are expressed in the film.
Choose two (2) of the main characters and then apply a multidimensional and life cycle perspective to discuss how each system interacts with these characters to inform their functioning and development. Compare and/or contrast the differences or similarities between the environmental factors of these two characters.
Make sure to include the environmental press, the interlocking circles of risk, as well as elements of resource and resilience.
Include any value conflicts and personal biases that may have emerged for you while viewing the film.
You may use any and all required readings as well as four additional peer-reviewed journal articles.
This paper should be presented in a scholarly fashion using sixth-edition APA style citations and references. Make sure to include an introduction and a conclusion. You may use headings to organize your paper if it helps. Number your pages. This paper should be 8–10 pages (NO LONGER). Proofread your paper before submission.
Your paper should be an analysis, not a film review. You are expected to apply acquired knowledge to your understanding of the development of the characters you’ve chosen. This paper is about interlocking systems and the probable systemic impact on your characters’ development. Do not use sources such as Wikipedia, or sites that provide pseudoeducational information. Use professional scholarly journals and textbooks only!
Garbarino, J. (1992). Children and families in the social environment (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Aldine de
Rogers, A.T. (2016). Human behavior in the social environment: Perspectives on human development and the
life course (4th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.
Course material(s) may be available electronically.

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