For this workshop, you will explore the concept of academic integrity in greater

For this workshop, you will explore the concept of academic integrity in greater detail. You will write a brief post (300-500) words in which you address the following questions:
1. What exactly does “academic integrity” mean? Create your own 1-2 sentence definition.
2. Now, find a source that defines academic integrity, and integrate that into your original definition. Use MLA citation rules to integrate this material (that means you need an in-text citation and a works cited entry). Note that you should not quote the entire definition from your source; rather, integrate or synthesize part of that source material into the working definition that you originally created.
3. For the rest of your post, discuss the following questions:
a. To what extent is a student responsible for maintaining the academic integrity of a classroom? Does ignorance of the policies of the instructor or university excuse the student, in your mind, from punishment for violating those policies? How much responsibility does the teacher or university bear for academic integrity violations?
b. To what extent is a student responsible for reporting academic integrity issues that they’ve become aware of in a classroom? If you know or have heard another student is cheating, is it always ethical to report it to the instructor?
c. Think back to your previous academic experiences (like high school, for instance). Do you think you were properly trained in how to avoid plagiarism before this class? How might high schools and colleges better educate students on how to cite sources properly?
Again, remember that you are responsible in this workshop (as with any other assignment in this class) for citing any outside source material in MLA format.
Your initial post should be at least 300 words

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