For Unit 1: Writers on Writing, we’ve been reading (and annotating!) a range of

For Unit 1: Writers on Writing, we’ve been reading (and annotating!) a range of texts that talk about the writing process. Selingo thinks we don’t write enough, while Tannen argues that men and women use language differently. Atwood finds writing on writing difficult (and she demonstrates it nine times)!
Pick one (1) of our unit’s readings for Essay #1. Choose one that interests you!
Then, write a well-organized, 1.5-2-page essay where you summarize the reading and identify the main claim of the author. Be sure to use quotes from the reading in order to support your ideas! End with a conclusion where you say whether or not you agree with the author’s argument.
As you write, keep in mind…
MLA is a requirement. We’ll go over it in class; however, if you have questions, feel free to ask me or use Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL):
Each paragraph should have a purpose (the paper should not be one paragraph!). How will you structure your essay? What does the prompt want you to cover? Be sure to connect paragraphs with transitions.
Be sure to reread! When essays have typos, they become less persuasive. I recommend reading out loud in order to catch errors.
Don’t Forget Citation! If you quote or paraphrase from the author, you need to cite. Your paper should have parenthetical citations AND a Works Cited page.

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