Foundations and Frameworks

Topic 1 Foundations and Frameworks
Comprehension Reading Questions Assignment
For this assignment, watch the PowerPoint Video titled Foundations and Frameworks, click on the two links provided, making sure that you really explore the National Women’s Studies website (clicking on different buttons and items) and American Association of University Women website, and read the chapter provided to you titled Chapter 1: Women’s Studies: Perspectives and Practices by Susan Shaw and Janet Lee.
Then, answer the questions below.
As you answer these questions, practice citing your sources. So, for each answer, indicate the source of your information/answer in parenthesis. For instance, you can say write a sentence or a couple of related sentences based on a specific source and then indicate it like this:
(author last name, source)
(Alvey, PP Foundations and Frameworks) OR (Alvey, PP 1.6)
(Shaw and Lee, WSPP pg 5).
Or name the website you are looking at and potentially the specific page or area in it.
This is a shorthand citation format that does not include dates (so just be aware that I am not asking you for dates this time), but it’s a good way to be sure you are remembering to cite your sources. Please NOTE: you can use two sources or cite two sources at one time (for example: you might find an answer you provide is supported by information from two or more sources, so cite all of them).
For this assignment, please create a document and when complete, upload it to submit it to Canvas. Guidelines:
Put your name at the top
Use full sentences to answer the questions. Some answers will be short (a sentence or two), but most encourage you to think in multiple sentences (in a well-developed paragraph such as 3-5 or more sentences).
Number your answers, but don’t include the original question.
Single-space answers but add a blank space (double space) between answers.
Questions. Questions 1-10 are 1 point each; questions 11 and 12 are 2.5 points each.
As an academic discipline, what is the main focus of Women’s Studies?
How or in what ways is Women’s Studies linked to “feminism” and “feminist movements?”
What is or was the Seneca Falls Convention?
What is or was the suffrage movement, when/where/how did it form, how long did it exist? Best answers will describe the timeline.
What are the 5 myths about feminism found in the reading? Name each and then explain at least two of them (that is describe the myth and explain what is incorrect about it).
What are the 3 myths about women’s studies? Name each and explain at least one.
Do you have to be a feminist to be in this class or to do well? What is the basic expectation or requirement for this course?
What does androcentrism mean and how or in what ways does women’s studies “counter” androcentrism? Share an example of androcentrism with me (NOT one that I provided you – think of the word and come up with your own example) explaining how it is androcentric
Name 2 things you found interesting and important in the reading, describe what they are, and explain why or how they are interesting and important to you.
In what ways can we say Women’s Studies is born from and linked to feminism?
What is NWSA, how long have they existed, and what are some of the things they do, support, and/or advocate for. What are 2 things on their website that interest you and why?
What is AAUW, how long have they existed, and what are some of the things they do, support, and/or advocate for. What are 2 things on their website that interest you and why?

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