Fundamentals of Corporate Finance + Wileyplus Access Card

Book used:
Title: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance + Wileyplus Access Card
ISBN: 9781119502456
Authors: Robert Parrino, Thomas Bates, Stuart Gillan & David Kidwell
Publisher: Wiley
Edition: 4th
Formatting and length guidelines:
It would be best if you used APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines for formatting the title page (make sure you give your paper a meaningful title like “Financial Analysis of XYZ company”), references, in-text citations, and subheads. Some (free) helpful sites on doing APA style citations are on the PBSC library website. (Links to an external site.)

Your completed paper should be a minimum of 20 pages long, plus a title page, a list of references, and an Appendix as needed. Each section of the paper should be to a minimum of 4 pages.
You should use MS Word format, double-spacing, 1-inch margins all the way around, page numbers on every page except for the title page, and 12-point Times New Roman font.
Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation are expected. You are also expected to write formally at a collegiate level.
Research guidelines: and Writing guidelines:
Throughout the term, you will submit portions of the Final Project and receive feedback from your instructor. Before you use those sections for the final paper, review the feedback carefully and edit the sections to incorporate the feedback before using them in your final paper. Your paper should have the following sections, using headings and subheads.
Each section should be a minimum of 4 pages of content plus the cover page, and reference page. Relevant statements as needed. While you must reference and include parts of the statement in your analysis, the statement should not be part of your four pages of content. For example, your full income statement should not be counted as part of your four-page analysis of the income statement.
Please submit by attaching a Word file.
In this class, we will use a scaffold learning approach. What that means is some of the assignments are designed to help you build sections of your final project as you go along. This way, you get feedback on the sections through these assignments and can address that feedback in your final project to make your final project stronger. This will also allow you to identify any issues or roadblocks early and ask for help as you need it instead of waiting till the end where you may run out of time.
Click on the Final Project assignment and review all the guidelines.
For this assignment, write and submit the Balance Sheet Analysis section of the final project. Do not include any sections of the Final Project that you wrote for previous assignments. Only include the section asked for in this assignment.
Your assignment must follow all the formatting guidelines laid out in the final project (such as including APA formatted title page, references and in-text citations).
Section 4 Balance Sheet Analysis: In this section, you will analyze the company’s balance sheet using information from the textbook as a guide. Be sure to provide an overview of the balance sheet and address the company’s current assets, current liabilities, total assets, shareholder equity for each year, etc. Discuss how these numbers changed over the three years and what could be some reasons why these numbers have changed the way they have? What are the trends, what are the numbers saying about the company’s value, and what are your recommendations?

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