Give the five number summary for the data c.

Problems 1-3 involve datasets from the Art of Stat Webpage ( On the homepage in the upper right there is a link: Datasets. The datasets are organized by chapter (indicated in the parentheses below). You should turn in your final spreadsheets for the data sets in problems 1-3, along with a word or pdf document for your responses to the questions in 1-3 along with your write-up of the study in problem 4.
1. (25 points) Using the data set, Teacher’s Salaries (Chapter 2 H-T)
a. Reorder the data from lowest to highest
b. Give the five number summary for the data
c. Make a box plot of the data
d. State and interpret the interquartile range for teacher salaries in the united states.
e. Identify any potential outliers using the interquartile range information
2. (25 points) Using “U.S. Temperatures” (Chapter 3 U-Z) which has the annual average recorded temperature in the US from 1895-2018
a. Make a scatterplot of temperature according to year
b. Describe any trends you can see
c. Determine the equation of the regression line.
d. Explain what does the equation for the regression line tells you about the average temperature over this time span.
e. Using the regression line equation, determine and interpret the residual (including its sign) of the average US temperature in 2013.
3. (20) Open the subway sandwiches data set under Chapter 2 H-T
a. Use excel to find the mean and standard deviation of the grams of protein in each sandwich.
b. Use excel to determine the z-score for Veggie Delight, Roast Beef, and Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt.
c. From your results in part b) indicate whether any or all of the three sandwiches in part b) are outliers with respect to grams of protein. Explain your reasoning for your answer.

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