GOALS: In this paper, you will continue to practice basic discourse patterns com

GOALS: In this paper, you will continue to practice basic discourse patterns common to all academic writing, but with the specific focus of moving closer to the discourse conventions in your chosen major, recognizing that scholars in different fields write in different ways for different purposes. In the process, you will define an issue in your chosen field and take an arguable position or outline a research question in a larger debate.

TASK: Your final paper will be a 5- or 6-page double-spaced research paper written in response to one or more of the class readings. This paper will focus on an argument. This means it will make an arguable claim on a debatable subject, or possibly propose or answer a research question in your field. The library guide for this class (https://nu.libguides.com/ENG240) contains readings in every undergraduate major that requires this class. Read the articles in the tab that corresponds to your major area of study. If you don’t know what your major will be or if you are pursuing general studies, you may choose any subject that interests you.

As we mentioned in the class, most papers will be primarily responding to one article on your subject. Responding to this article is your entry into a particular conversation in your field. Other articles in the class reading list may or may not be in conversation with this article, so, in your research, part of your goal is to find and read the rest of the conversation.

All the assignments in this class have helped you prepare for the final assignment, so you should have much of the work completed already. Now it is time to assemble it all into a coherent whole.

Citation Style
You will cite your paper in the citation style preferred by the discipline in which you are writing. Include a works cited page in the same citation style. If you are using a citation style that is not MLA or APA, please let your instructor know which citation style you are using.

Academic writing is a conversation. Your final paper must use five credible sources that support your argument or add to the conversation around your main point. Two of your sources must be peer-reviewed journals. Two of your sources must be sources not listed on the course library guide. You must find them through your own research.

Acceptable scholarly sources include:
Scholarly or Professional Journals
Acceptable popular sources include:
Websites (if scrupulously chosen)

In many academic papers, popular sources will not be allowed, but since this paper may make a claim about a topical, polemic subject in your field, popular sources used for the sake of conveying popular interest or public exigency in a problem are acceptable if used judiciously.

The paper should keep in mind all of the basic conventions of academic writing learned in ENG 102 (or whichever introductory composition course you completed at another university). The paper should be thoroughly edited and proofread.
Final papers should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or as a .rtf file. Do not submit as a .pdf, a Microsoft works file, or a Word Perfect file.

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