Good afternoon,I agree with U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. Term limit

Good afternoon,
I agree with U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. Term limits need to be set to insure turn over and keep the judges more dated and less complacent from having been set in their ways after years of repetitive behavior. Making terms nonrenewable would help refresh the bench with new judges that have different perspectives and allow for a more diverse group. Term limits can take courts from being seen as political to becoming the people’s court again. As it stands it is all seen as a political fighting ground and not a place following through with their judicial duties. Setting limits for someone in such a powerful role is a must to keep the justice system free and clear of political gain and corruption.
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In your response to your peers, consider how well they justified their position, making use of available resources. Consider the following questions in your response posts:
Did they support their position convincingly with appropriate resources?
Which of their points make the most sense to you, even if you made a case for the opposing viewpoint?

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