Government corruption, Essay Form: defining a problem

Topic: Government corruption, Essay Form: defining a problem
instructions :
A: Hook: This may be a concrete anecdote or instance of the problem at hand, used here to grab the reader dramatically. Or it may be a fact or facts that typify the problem to be discussed. It may be a quote that speaks to and opens up the nature of the problem at hand. Or it may be a definition of either the general nature of a ‘problem’, or, of one or some of the aspects of the problem to be discussed.
B: Having hooked the reader, you should now summarize the nature of your chosen problematic topic.
C: Thesis: this should be a clear statement of two things. First, why the problem at hand benefits from definition. Secondly, how you will be going about defining that problem?
2 Body Paragraph 1:
List in bullet points the different ‘problematic’ elements of your chosen topic/problem?
Body Paragraph 2: List in bullet points why this problem is worthy of definition? What is at stake?
Body Paragraph 3:
List potential solutions to your problem and then with each potential solution, explain how it shows the problematic nature of the problem? 3: Conclusion
A: Restate the nature of the problematic situation you’ve discussed and defined in the essay.
B: End by suggesting how having thrown light onto your chosen problem, the problem may have become more manageable and susceptible to future solutions.

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