He got addicted to drugs and finally went to rehab.

This writting prompt is based on a past relationship.
I have chosen a past relationship which reached a stage of deterioration. Write a paper analyzing the relationship with respect to its relevant stages and theories:
Describe the stages of the relationship, directly comparing them with those outlined in the text (initiating, experimenting, intensifying, and so on). See the virtual lecture above for a specific set of examples of the stages.
Analyze why you formed this relationship, referring to the relevant theories in the text: Appearance, similarity, complementarity, rewards, competency, proximity, and disclosure.
Draw tentative conclusions about why the relationship deteriorated.
I have gave you background info on a past relationship, add as many details and make it as believable and real as possible. Im a 19 year old girl btw. The beginning of this relationship started off as friends. He’s been my best friend for about 4 years. Weve had feeling for each other but we never made anything official. Hes had girlfriends and ive had boyfriends. Hes been in and out of juvie for the past 2 yeast no its been tough on our friendship. He got addicted to drugs and finally went to rehab. We went without contact for 6 months and when he came back nothing felt the same. It seemed he wanted something more serious but the feeling just weren’t all there no more. Talking to him brings back little triggers and that made me distance myself from him even more. Hes my best friend but for the first time I need to put myself and my mental health first. I don’t want this friendship to end because I feel there could be a future but its almost as if this break was meant to happen. I will eventually try to build this friendship again but I need time.

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