he U.S. Constitution creates a federal system of government whereby powers are distributed between a national government and fifty state governments

THIS IS THE PROMPT= The U.S. Constitution creates a federal system of government whereby powers are distributed between a national government and fifty state governments. There are times when the federal government and state governments clash over state laws that may violate federal law or federal mandates. What methods does the federal government use to get states to comply with federal mandates? What are the ways that states can resist federal mandates? Find an example of a policy conflict (such as marijuana legalization, the Affordable Care Act, voting rights, civil rights, immigration, same-sex marriage, etc.) between a state (or states) and the federal government. What were the arguments made by the federal government and states about the issue? How were their differences resolved (if it is an issue that hasn’t been resolved, what steps have been taken by each side to advance their position)? The example can be no more than 25% of the total paper. You must tie in the example with what you are discussing in the core of the paper. Do not make the example the last part of your paper; after you give the example, you have to explain it.
You should use Times New Roman, 12 point font, and double-spacing. The assignment is to be formatted according to the Modern Language Association (MLA) style which includes works cited page but does NOT include a title page. Students should research this style in order to properly format the assignment (see the Purdue Online Writing Lab).
All writing assignments will be analyzed using SafeAssign. Essays that contain plagiarized material will receive a significant reduction in points or a zero. Students may receive a failing grade in the course for submitting plagiarized material.
Do not cut and paste. Do NOT Turn This Paper into a Five-Paragraph College Essay
Total quotations for the entire paper, including in-text and parenthetical citations, cannot be more than 15% of the entire paper.
When quoting information, use quotation marks and cite the source. Paraphrased information must also be cited.
It is formal in that you must follow MLA formatting, have a full MLA heading, and have a Works Cited Page.
It is formal in that you must turn in a highly polished piece of work that is focused, coherent, and cohesive, and that flows well
Most well-written papers that receive a high grade for the Writing Assignments are four paragraphs long. Get right into it, have your discussion, and be done. If your discussion takes you over four paragraphs, to five or six, make sure it is all discussion, not intro/conclusion. The introduction/conclusion contribute nothing to these papers, so don’t write them. This is considered a short paper, and intros/conclusions are nothing but word-eaters, written to use up the word count because the writer has nothing to say.
If your paper goes over four paragraphs, say to five or six (I rarely get a good paper over six paragraphs), and all the paragraphs are supports/development/substance, that’s acceptable.
If you turn in a five-paragraph college essay with introduction and conclusion, you WILL lose a goodly chunk of points. Let me say that again — If you turn in a Five-Paragraph College Essay, you WILL lose a considerable number of points. Don’t do it. Leave that device in the English classroom where it belongs.
Word count applies only to the body of the paper, not heading or Works Cited

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