Hello everyone!Perception plays a major role in how we communicate and most imp

Hello everyone!
Perception plays a major role in how we communicate and most importantly how effective we communicate with those around us. Perception allows us to organize our thoughts and feelings on how we’re going to communicate moving forward, depending this can be good or bad. Let’s say your perception of someone is somewhat biased in a good way, you’re more likely to communicate more favorably (Coren, 1980). The opposite is true too, if we have a more optimistic perception of someone or something we will communicate a bit better in that sense. Thinking of a time where I communicated with someone of a different culture our lesson this week shows a great communication outline in which I actually used during that encounter. First when we talk about sending a “channel” to the other person I made sure to show body language demonstrated that I was open to trying my best to communicate and understand each other. Once that message was sent to the other person they were able to decode that and send back the same message of understanding, we were able to maintain that structure throughout the conversation. Referring back to our lesson, the example of walkie talkies and sending feedback back in forth came in very handy (Chamberlain University, 2023). The conversation began to evolve as we were able to find common grounds and mutual understandings between cultures, however, there was a point of miscommunication. During the miscommunication due to the way we had already set up our communication tactic which was to be determined to understand we quickly were able to get back on track we both looked at it as a chance to grow, I think we both worked through it efficiently. What could’ve been done better was “self awareness” when we focus too much on what we may not understand or other fears it can affect our perception and communication skills (McLean, 2018).
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Chamberlain University. (2023). COMM277 Week 1 Lesson: A perspective on communication

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