Here is the instructions: Select one newspaper Write a review of Birth of a Nati

Here is the instructions:
Select one newspaper
Write a review of Birth of a Nation where you recommend the film or not for that particular newspaper. Minimum of 800 words.
Refer specifically to at least 3 other articles from that newspaper within the window of 1910-1915. Bold your use of newspaper articles and put in parenthesis the date and page of the articles.
Refer specifically to at least 2 sources from Major Problems. Put in italics any materials you use from Major Problems.
Bold any concepts or points you make that are from classroom materials.
Select newspaper from this site:
And the newspaper used as resources should be between 1910-1915.
For the Major Problems, go to this website:
Log in with my account:
username: for assigned writer
On the “My Home” page, click on the second one showing ” HIST110-1003″. The sources asked to be used should be there.
The movie is around 3 hours, and I just did not found the link to the film, so you might need to found the movie to watch as needed. Sorry about that 🙁

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