High-performance organizations and employee performance

Your assignment is to choose a large well-known Fortune 500 company for the Course Project. Your task is to create an APA paper that uses the DeVry library and the Internet to research best practices and address the following topics.

Safe workplace and job design
Recruiting and selecting employees
Employee training and development
High-performance organizations and employee performance
Pay and benefits
The paper should be between five and eight pages in length. It will contain a title page, a header for each of the five topics, and a conclusion, as well as a reference page. Each of the five-topic section should contain citations from the appropriate chapter in the textbook as well as from research conducted.
You will prepare a five- to eight-page research paper selecting a Fortune 500 company. This paper should be formatted in APA, including a title and reference page. Make sure you use the sections listed below to organize your paper as headings. You should incorporate in-text citations and have at least three references plus the textbook. Never use Wiki as a source.
Grading rubric attached

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