How are ethical dilemma addressed?

The Research Paper must be in APA format with 10-14 pages in the body plus a cover page,
abstract, and references page. Keeping the paper within the range is part of the challenge of
scholarly writing. No less than 6 sources in addition to any course textbooks should be
referenced. Merida, the DSL program textbook, must be included and integrated into the
discussion as one of the textbooks. All referenced material must be properly cited and listed on
the references page.

Be sure to follow all APA standards including double-space, Times New Roman 12-point or
other APA approved font, 1-inch margins, no contractions or unnecessary (non-heading) bolding. Use proper APA headings to improve readability as you see fit.
When developing your essay, some examples of (but not the only) areas you may want to
consider would be:
· What forces influence and challenge the leader?
· How are ethical dilemma addressed?
· What is the impact of globalization and complexity?
· How do reasoning and ethical foundations guide the leader?
· Where is a Biblical worldview used and evident in ethical leadership?
· What social responsibilities and cultural citizenship issues must be considered?
· Are there cultural pressures that challenge ethical leadership?
· How might ethical leaders promote ethical organizational culture?
· What impact does ethical leadership have on organizational performance?
· How is ethical leadership related to other popular leadership theories?
· Be sure to incorporate Self-Assessment 12.2 which maps your moral intuition or moral
· The final section of the paper must be a page or less discussion of how your description
of the ethical leader aligns with your own past, your current ethical leadership practices,
and your aspirations for future leadership practices.

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