How are immigrants depicted in the video games shown?

Watch this documentary about Latinx communities on Kanopy
Latinos Beyond Reel: Challenging a Media Stereotype Links to an external site.
You can watch the full version (Episode 1) for 85 minutes OR the abridged (shortened) version (Episode 2) for 60 minutes.
As usual, trigger warning for discussion of disturbing racism
By Nov 2 at 11 pm, Please answer at least 4 of these questions as fully as you can. Please number your answers.
From Latinos Beyond Reel
1. What does the film say is the “narrative function” of stereotypes like the Mexican “bandido” image so common in US movies? (That is to say, what purpose or role does the “Mexican bandido” usually play in those movies?). Did you encounter this stereotype at any point as a young person? How did you interact with those images?
2. What are some of the gendered stereotypes of Latina women that the documentary covers? What about Latino men? How have you encountered these stereotypes in the world (how have you heard others talk about them, resist them, believe them, project them onto others, transform them?)
3. Which Latine subgroups have had more access to roles and representation in Hollywood and why? What is the impact of this?
4. What does the documentary argue about depictions of Latinx people or cartoons with Spanish accents in media aimed at children? How might this impact children from different groups?
5. What are some positive Latinx images in the mainstream media? What drove the shift in Hollywood to include more positive images? What are some of the effects of these shifts?
6. How are immigration and border issues depicted in the media? How might this relate to public opinions and public policy?
7. How are immigrants depicted in the video games shown? What impact do you think such games have on children and others?

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