How are they represented by different characters?

This essay is about two movies: Syriana and Deepwater Horizon. I will provide material
that will help you write this piece that I have already sourced myself. Please cite the director of the movie and the year it came out when quoting something from the movie. I need an itroductory paragraph with a thesis statement, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Prompt: Compare and contrast the image of the Oil
Corporation in these two films.
Questions to consider: What is the role of the
corporation in the different plots? How are they represented by different
characters? How are they situated in relation to their opposites (i.e.,
workers, governments, rogue actors, terrorists)? What is their corporate
ideologies and how are they conveyed in the films?
Here is some quick thing I wrote to get you started on Deepwater Horizon analysis:
The oil companies forget they
are not just playing with oil, they are playing with people’s lives. What we
see in deepwater horizon are the executives who just view mr jimmy and the team
as people who are there to do a job, to complete a task on the companies
agenda, they don’t see the humanity of these people nor are they thinking about
their well being or safety. The oil company is kind of larger than any one
person or entity.
It seems like I cant send links here but will provide the links to the sources I used for Deepwater and Syriana in a word doc. I will also be attatching an example of my own work
so you understand my standards. I know bullshit when I see it.

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