How did it make its way into your home?

After reading Chapter 1 of your textbook, you know just how unfamiliar a regular object from your day-to-day life can be.
For this exercise, look through your home and find another familiar yet unfamiliar object. Where was this object made?
How did it make its way into your home?
What kind of impact has this object had on other people’s lives?
Instructions: Complete and then submit the exercise(s) below as directed by your instructor.
1. (Online) Post a description or photo of this object and its unfamiliar history on your class’s online discussion board. Describe the item and where it was made. What kind of impact does the item have on your life? What about the people who made it? As you read through your classmates’ posts about objects from their own lives, think about the global impact on our day-to-day lives. To get the conversation started, find at least one object posted by a classmate and ask a question about the object’s history. Be sure to respond also to any questions posed about your own object. Dialogue is one of the most important parts of discovering and understanding cultural anthropology.

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