How did the mosquito affect your lives/family/co-workers?

This assignment is a historical fiction–an essay that comes from historical information you have learned this week but with made-up details. You choose your characters etc., it just has to be realistic for the time when it takes place–early 1900s while the Panama Canal was being built. You create them from YOUR MIND but they must be realistic characters for the time. So do research on the culture and lifestyle of Jamaican and other Anglophone West Indian (that means people from the English-speaking British West Indies like Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica etc) people of the early 1900s. Here is the assignment:
Watch the video. Read the attached document. Then write a fiction essay–at least 5 paragraphs. Same way we did that Week 2 Culture of Conquest creative essay that is the purpose here–a creative essay that allows you to tell us the history.
In your essay, tell us what life was like for you/your family coming from the West Indies and being brought to work on the Canal. It is called Afro-Antilles–all those small islands in the Caribbean. You are tracing the life and struggle of the folks who were paid in SILVER rather than GOLD. How did the mosquito affect your lives/family/co-workers? Use the reading and video…..

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