How do vaccines work though?

Vaccinations have undoubtedly changed the ways in which humanity combats infectious diseases. Many generations of scientists have studied vaccines and they have successfully eradicated smallpox while substantially lowering incidences of other diseases. How do vaccines work though? You may be surprised to learn that there are different mechanisms for their actions. In this discussion, you are assigned two vaccine types to research and presentation to the class.
If your last name begins with the letter A through F, research and present live attenuated and killed whole organism vaccines.

If your last name begins with the letter G through M, research and present toxoid and virus-like particlevaccines.
If your last name begins with the letter N through S, research and present protein-polysaccharide conjugate and subunit vaccines.
If your last name begins with the letter T through Z, research and present viral vectored and nucleic acid vaccines.
For each of the two vaccine types that you are assigned, present the following in your initial post:
A basic introduction to the vaccine.
Mechanism of action.
A relevant image of the mechanism or pathogen/antigen.
Disease(s) that the vaccine protects against.
Any personal perspectives you think are relevant to your assigned vaccination topics (optional).
There is a 400-word count minimum for your original post and a 200-word count minimum for each response. Please note: Please share only that which you are comfortable sharing and be kind to each other in your responses. Not everyone will have the same opinion. It is expected that you will be professional and compassionate in your responses.
When you have written your post and before you post to this discussion board, you need to follow the instructions in the Discussion 3–TurnItIn link for submittal to so that your post can be checked for originality. Failure to do so will result in no credit for this discussion.
After you post your original work, then you must reply to at least three classmates. Two responses must be to vaccines that you did not research. Comment on their work, relate to their work through your own experiences, ask questions, constructively critique, etc. as your responses.
Note: You will not see your classmates’ posts until you post to the discussion.
This discussion is worth 10 points toward your final grade and will be graded with the BSC2086C Discussion Rubric. (This Canvas Guide explains how to view a rubric attached to a discussion)

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