How does the choice in costume help tell the story?

Question 1 iNSTRUCTIONS: Describe Ilsa’s motives for getting the travel visas. Do you think she
intended to leave with Rick or Victor? Do you trust Ilsa throughout the film? Does Ilsa
still loves Rick? Or does she do what she has to do to get the travel visas from Rick so
she and Victor can leave safely? Use examples from the film in your answers.
Your Initial Post must contain 7-10 substantial sentences.

Question 2
Mise-en-scene- Costumes: Note the difference of costumes among the characters in the film- not just the main characters but the extras in the background too. Describe the use of costume, and how each “group” of people (Americans, Europeans, refugees, the police, the Nazis, locals from Casablanca, etc.) is represented. What differences or similarities do you see in the use of costume? How does the choice in costume help tell the story?

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