How does the research question(s) drive the general method to be used?

What needs to be included in the chapter?
The topics below are typically included in this chapter, and often in this order:
1. Rationale for why you are using this methodology
How does the research question(s) drive the general method to be used?
What are the strengths/limitations of this methodology?
2. Data collection
Instrumentation: describe the tool(s) you will use to collect your data –
– if you are using a survey, provide a link between the constructs you determined in chapter 2 to be important, to the specific variables that create the construct, to the measures of those variables that you will use. Do the same thing for any interview or observation protocol: where do the questions come from?
-Gathering the data: explain how you will draw your sample, how they will be invited to participate, any follow up you plan on doing.
If you are fielding a survey, explain exactly how that will happen.
If you are conducting interviews, focus groups or observations, describe how those will happen.
Data Analysis:
Describe your plan for analyzing your data, once you have them.
A good starting point is to organize this discussion by research question, describing how you will answer each question
In order to ensure that your data collection will ultimately answer your research questions, it’s important to map your interview and/or survey questions/items to your research questions and any concepts in your hospitality conceptual framework. Interview questions should be mapped to ensure all concepts are addressed, though not in a leading way. While your final instruments/protocols will look different, this chapter assignment is a scaffold toward the final protocol. Be sure to reserve time to convert this assignment into your actual protocols/instruments. Develop interview questions and/or survey items for each influence under your hospitality conceptual framework. For the survey items, please identify the scale of measurement for each survey item (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio). Be mindful of response options for the survey item. The end product for this assignment would be your actual data collection tools (either qualitative or quantitative) before approved by the instructor to start the field data collection.
This chapter should provide the rationale and methodological detail for your study. Think of it as a “stand alone” chapter that you could hand to a friend and just by reading it, they would know exactly how to do your study, start to finish. Every element you introduce must have appeared somewhere in your earlier chapters: every variable should have been considered in chapter 2; and any measurement issues should have been discussed in chapter 2.

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