how has the pandemic created a lasting impact on the psychology of a generation?

text-based analytical essay, you’ll showcase your writing, critical thinking, and organizational skills in response to the real-time experience of the global pandemic. This essay asks you to use multiple genres of reading (poetry, researched non-fiction, and your own experiences) to characterize the psychological and structural impact of the pandemic in an argument essay about life.

This essay requires your most advanced synthesis and analytical skills to use different texts to distill into a single argument. How has a global sensation about death (even if it hasn’t impacted you directly) created your understanding of life? Remember this isn’t a summary of the impact of the pandemic on your life; instead, it’s using your knowledge of texts to point toward analytical lessons of life.
-3-5 *full* typed pages in MLA format.

-Introduction Paragraph (with Hook, Summary of the pandemic, and Thesis—make sure to provide sentences that transition smoothly between all of these tasks) *Think of your Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs in correspondence with each other as a framework for your essay. Consider using Psychoanalytic Theory, Amor Fati, Mirror/Shadows, Enneagram.
-MEAL Body Paragraphs (4 minimum) using a variety of evidence from poems and non-fiction texts. At least 2 quotes from poems and 2 quotes from non-fiction texts.

Gen Z and the Toll of the Pandemic
Thesis Prompt: Reflecting back on the last 2 years, how has the pandemic created a lasting impact on the psychology of a generation? What has the threat of life taught us about living life? In other words: what has fear taught us about desire? How does understanding the psychological interior of our mind help us have compassion for others and guidance for our purpose in life? How is poetry a messenger for understanding life’s true meaning?

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